BSG Discount Codes Master Sheet

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BSG Discount Codes 

The Following Codes are free to use for the public.
The codes use time will END 8/20/2019.
Use and Share responsibly.

  1. Titanium Triforce Zelda rings

Code: BSG001NC
Shareable link:


  1. “I Choose You Ring” His and Hers or LGBTQ Couples Stainless Steel Rings

Code: BSG002NC
Shareable link:

  1. Legend of Zelda Heart Container Keychain

Code: BSG003NC
Shareable link:


  1. LUIGI''S SECRET STASH of Mushrooms

Code: BSG004NC
Shareable link:


  1. Pokemon Drawstring BackPacks (choose any one)
Code: BSG005NC
Shareable link:


  1. Glass Cabochon Pokémon Necklace / Pendant
Code: BSG006NC
Shareable link:
  1. Zelda Rupee Pendant/Necklace
Code: BSG007NC
Shareable link:

  1. Smash Bros Canvas Art
    (NOTE* this discount applies to the Smallest Canvas ONLY)
Code: BSG008NC
Shareable link:
  1. USB Chomper Pals | Pokemon USB Power Cable Protectors
Code: BSG001NC
Shareable link:


  1. USB Chomper Pals | Assorted USB Power Cable Protectors
Code: BSG010ANC
Shareable link:


  1. DBZ Lanyards Straps
Code: BSG011NC
Shareable link:
  1. Dragon Ball Z Titanium Steel and Silicone Bracelets
Code: BSG012NC
Shareable link:
  1. Pokemon Go Multi-Poke Decals
Code: BSG013NC
Shareable link:
  1. 3d Bursting Effect - Pokémon Mural Decal
Code: BSG014NC
Shareable link:

  1. Iconic Pokemon Banner Decal
Code: BSG015NC
Shareable link:


BSG 300 Dollar Grand Prize Giveaway

CODE: This code will be sent out VIA nintendo Core Email automation from Sumo KING.
The winner will be announced the Last and final day of the Marathon LIVE!

Grand Prize Main Rules Page:



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