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All thanks to Tech Dunk, you have the chance to win our 3rd 2nd or Grand Prizes! Like you, here at Nintendo Core we fell in love with Tech Dunk, (especially his mods). So how could we not want to show some love with a collaboration? "So hey! Listen" show your love buy using our store and joining our giveaway! All sales of products directly support Tech Dunk. Tech Dunk told us you could use Zelda swag to show off!! So Bamo, We "linked" the idea with this LOZ pendant! Flex on with your Legend of Zelda Young Link Metal Pendant and ring.

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What do I Win?
The Grand Prize 
The Legend of Zelda Young Link Metal Pendant
(ring included)

Multiple chances to win:

1st Place winner:   The Brand New "The Legend of Zelda Young Link Metal Pendant" Grand Prize

2nd Place winner:  75% Discount on the above Grand Prize

3rd All Entries prize:   All Participant who sign up get a 50% Discount one the Grand Prize and 10% off all items on our Entire store. Stipulation, 50 people must sign up for the giveaway or the participation prize isn't given out.
             (Click Name to see original product listings and large images.)

How do I Win?

  • Watch the "Tech Dunk Video Here
  • Visit NintendoCore.org
  • Sign up to the Giveaway "Below"
    (E-mail is used to announce winner and allow them to choose their prize)
  • Stipulation, 50 people Must sign up for the giveaway or the participation prize isn't given out.
  • Bonus! Every purchase at Nintendocore.org supports Tech Dunk and gives you another chance to win!

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That's it... BUT WAIT! Do you want MORE chances to win? We Want To Help! (Everyone loves extra lives!) Just buy a Nintendo Core item! Every purchase is another chance to win! You Only have up to 5/29/2019 to participate, so make a digital Rom boot into our Nintendo Core and get going!
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The video that inspired everything!

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