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Blacktendo Exclusive

      All thanks to Blacktendo, ONE lucky winner will win the chance to actually choose their Free Prize! Just like you, we here at Nintendo Core fell in love with BlackTendo, (especially his mods). So how could we not want to do a collaboration with him!? Note* all sales of these products directly support Blacktendo as well! With the modding scene blowing up, we decided to mod our Nintendo Switch cases! Who doesn’t love a good Luigi costume skin or a case that also that stands! Mod your software and your hardware! Why do just one?
So to 
help you go full IRL CFW (aka making friends jealous), we’re throwing a giveaway!

What do you Win? 

One of two choices:

How do you Win?

  • Watch the "Blacktendo Luigi Mod Video Here
  • Visit NintendoCore.org
  • Sign up to the Giveaway "Below"
    (E-mail is used to announce winner and allow them to choose their prize)

Sign me up! 
I’m Gonna Super Mario Jump into this Giveaway!

That’s it... BUT WAIT! Do you want MORE chances to win? We want to give them to you! (no golden mushroom needed). Just purchase an item from Nintendo Core! Each item you grab is another chance to win! You only have until 7/5/2019 to enter, so POWER JUMP into our Nintendo Core and get going! Then, Subscribe to Blacktendo, as a thanks for all his amazing content!  

The Video that Inspired it all!

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