BSG $300 Marathon Giveaway!!

- BSG Exclusive -

All thanks to BSG, you have the chance to win our 3rd- 2nd- or 1st Grand Prizes!

The WEEK LONG Marathon is on! Like you, here at Nintendo Core, we fell in love with BSG through Crrool, (especially their marathon runs). So how could we not want to celebrate their Huge Marathon with some love!? So, we "Poke'captured" the idea of a $300 Marathon Giveaway! BSG told us you could use $300 worth of gear to show off!! So "HEY! LiSteN" Show your love, buy using our store and joining the BSG giveaway! 
Why wait? Sign up below!

What do I Win?

  • The Grand Prize Full Collection Pack
    $300 Dollars Worth of Nintendo Core Store Merch 
  • Your name Announced Live on stream! (No instore purchases required)

$300 Pack Includes:

(Click images for more Info and bigger pictures)

Multiple chances to win:

1st Place winner:   The "Full list of Items Above" Grand Prize 
2nd Place winner:  75% Discount on the above Grand Prize Items (Code will apply to above list)
3rd All Entries prize:  All Participants who sign up are guaranteed to win these following prizes:

  • 50% Discount one the above Grand Prize Items listed and
  • 10% off all items on our Entire store.
  • A "Participation Free Gift", sent via your entry E-mail.
  • Stipulation50 people must sign up for the giveaway or the participation prize isn't given out



How do I Enter to Win?

  • Sign up to the Giveaway "Below"
  • Earn Extra Entries, by sharing on Social media! 
  • Donate to the BSG Charity to earn 3x the Entries
  • Do all these things by Signing up "Beeehelow!
  • Bonus 3x Entry!
    We repeat, every donation at gives you 3x the Extra Entries!
    For Each donation you can add to Incentives as well, Live during the Stream!
    --> Help Fight Cancer Today!


 That's it...  You only have so long to participate, so make a digital Rom boot into our Nintendo Core and get going! Also think about following BSG on social, as a thank you for all the incredible content!

Watch the Marathon LIVE! It's the Stream that inspired everything!




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