Nintendo Closes In On 800 Million Video Game Consoles Sold

Nintendo Core Subscriber News: 12/26/2020
Nintendo Closes In On 800 Million Video Game Consoles Sold!
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In the 37 years since Nintendo has been producing home video game consoles, they have sold just north of 790,000,000 units. This takes into account everything from the NES and Famicom, all the way through today’s Switch, and everything in between (even the Virtual Boy).


By the end of the 2020 holiday season, Nintendo will most likely have broken the 800 million mark. For what many people consider to be the “original” video game console manufacturer, this is a major milestone.


A few interesting tidbits to note regarding Nintendo’s video game console dominance:
  • The most popular Nintendo console is the DS which sold just over 154 million units, making it the second most popular console of all time (just behind the PS2’s 155 million units).
  • The least popular Nintendo console is the aforementioned Virtual Boy, selling 770,000 units.
  • The NES was produced from 1983 through 2003. For reference, the N64 was only produced from 1996 through 2002.
  • Nintendo has sold approximately 4 consoles per second since 1983
  • The flagship franchise Mario Bros. has sold over 700 million copies of various games over the last 30 years. You can even get your own figurines of characters like Mario, Luigi and Yoshi.
  • Leveraging franchises such as: Zelda, Pokemon, and Super Smash Brothers, the company has amassed hundreds of millions of console sales.
  • If Nintendo was its own nation, it would rank as 68th in the world for GDP.


    An upcoming Nintendo Switch 2, if it proved popular enough, could propel Nintendo into the best position to be the first console manufacturer to surpass the 1 billion mark with a strong 9th generation showing.


    Game developers are reportedly being instructed to make new Switch games compatible with 4K, leading to speculation that the Switch 2 will be in stores by the Spring of 2021...

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